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Matters Needing Attention

Is The Higher The Illumination Of LED Explosion-Proof Lights, The Better

Today, LED explosion-proof lights are well-known in places requiring explosion-proof lighting, such as gas stations, chemical plants, mines, and power plants. So, when purchasing LED explosion-proof lights, should higher brightness be a consideration? Let’s discuss this.

As a modern lighting fixture, LED explosion-proof lights are inherently characterized by their low energy consumption and high brightness, making them increasingly popular. Furthermore, many vendors often use “low energy consumption and high brightness” as a selling point, instilling the notion that “higher brightness is better and more valuable.” But is this really the case?


Over time, the brightness of LED explosion-proof lights inevitably decreases. Achieving high brightness requires larger driving currents, but higher currents reduce the stability of the beads and accelerate their degradation. In other words, merely pursuing high brightness effectively sacrifices the lifespan of the LED explosion-proof lights.


Another factor to consider is cost. Solely pursuing higher brightness inevitably leads to increased overall project costs, meaning users might end up purchasing features that exceed their actual requirements, leading to waste.

Therefore, when choosing LED explosion-proof lights, users should not believe the misconception that “brighter is always better.” Merely seeking high brightness targets, or even shortening the bulb’s lifespan, is pointless.



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