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Performance Characteristics

Characteristics And Hazards Of Combustion Products

Carbon dioxide (CO2)Colorless and odorlessWhen the concentration is between 7% and 10%, it suffocates and causes death
Water (H2O)Steam
Carbon monoxide (CO)Colorless, odorless, highly toxic, flammableDeath caused by concentration of 0.5% within 20-30 minutes
Sulfur dioxide (SO2)Colorless and odorlessShort term death caused by 0.05% concentration
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)Causing cough and vomiting
Nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2)SmellyShort term death caused by 0.05% concentration
Smoke and smokeVaries by composition

Beyond water vapor, the majority of byproducts from combustion are detrimental.

Smoke clouds visibility, complicating evacuation efforts during fires by obscuring sight. The intense thermal convection and radiation from high-temperature combustion can ignite additional flammables, spawning new ignition points, and potentially trigger explosions. Residues from complete combustion exhibit flame-retardant properties. Combustion halts when carbon dioxide levels hit 30%.



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