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Maintenance Methods

Explosion-Proof Air Conditioning Maintenance

Explosion-proof air conditioners, a niche within explosion-proof electrical appliances, operate across a spectrum of temperatures, from high to extremely low. These units are indispensable for cooling and heating in volatile environments such as in the oil, chemical, military sectors, and offshore platforms. While they share a similar look and operation with conventional air conditioners, their maintenance is paramount to sustain performance and longevity. Here’s how to upkeep them.

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1. Routine Air Filter Maintenance

Clean the air filter every 2-3 weeks. Remove it from behind the panel, vacuum the dust, and wash with sub-40℃ water. For greasy residue, a soap water or neutral detergent bath is effective. Ensure it’s thoroughly dried before reinstallation. Regularly dust off the panel and casing with a soft cloth, and for stubborn dirt, gently clean with soap water or tepid water, then dry. Strictly avoid harsh chemicals.

2. Condenser Fins Cleaning

Monthly cleaning of the condenser fins with a vacuum or blower is essential to prevent dust accumulation that hampers thermal exchange. For heat pump models, clear surrounding snow during winter to maintain efficiency. For air conditioners on extended hiatus, run them for approximately 2 hours in dry conditions to ensure internal dryness, then disconnect the power.

3. Pre-Restart Checks After Extended Downtime

1. Verify the integrity and connection of the ground wire.

2. Ensure the air filter is properly fitted and devoid of dust; clean it as needed.

3. Confirm the power source is correctly connected; if not, secure it.



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