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GPS Explosion-Proof Electronic Clock Automatic Time Adjustment BSZ2010


The GPS system’s ground control chip stations maintain the discrepancy between GPS time and Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) to within 1 microsecond with precision surpassing 5 nanoseconds. Additionally, GPS satellites broadcast essential parameters such as clock offset, speed, and drift, and use signals to precisely locate sites. Therefore, GPS satellites serve as an unlimited global time signal, facilitating exact time synchronization for users worldwide.

gps explosion proof electronic clock automatic time adjustment
The BSZ2010 explosion-proof clock, equipped with automatic GPS timing, is an upgraded wall-mounted model crafted with advanced technology to offer precise and reliable timekeeping. Its elegant design and ease of use make it the perfect timekeeping device for environments with flammable and explosive vapors, such as in oil, chemical, petrochemical industries, and mining sectors.

Technical Specifications:

Ambient Temperature: -15 to +50°C (indoor)

Relative Humidity: ≤85%

Atmospheric Pressure: 80 to 110 kPa

Explosion-proof Rating: Ex ib IICT6

Operating Voltage: DC1.25 to 1.70V (one size 5 battery)

Additional Features: GPS for automatic time calibration, ensuring time discrepancies remain under one second.

Maintenance Guidelines:

Maintain and promptly repair explosion-proof timepieces during usage.

Regularly clean the exterior of these devices to remove dust and grime, enhancing their performance. Use water spraying or cloth wiping for cleaning; disconnect power during water use to prevent damage.

Inspect for any scratches or corrosion on the transparent parts; cease use and conduct immediate repairs if issues are found.

In damp environments, remove any residual water from inside the device and dismantle any sealed components to preserve the casing’s protective qualities.

Equipped with GPS functionality, the explosion-proof clock automatically adjusts its time settings to ensure deviations remain within one second, thereby securing precise timekeeping.



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