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Maintenance Methods

How to Set the Time on an Explosion-Proof Digital Display Clock

Over time, explosion-proof digital clocks may lose accuracy and require recalibration. Here’s a guide on how to adjust the time on these clocks:

explosion proof digital display clock
1. Initially, press the “Adjust” button, causing the numbers to start flashing.

2. To select a number to adjust, press the corresponding button multiple times until the desired digit blinks.

3. Adjust the selected number by pressing the “Up” or “Down” buttons.

4. In the normal display mode, toggle the “Alarm” function between “On” and “Off” by pressing the “Alarm” button. Similarly, switch the “Horn” function using the “Horn” button. Conclude with the reset button.

For models with a perpetual calendar, side buttons labeled ABCD are provided. Press and hold ‘A’ to initiate blinking across the date and weekday indicators. Adjust these by pressing ‘B’ to increase values or ‘C’ to decrease, as needed. Once set, leave the device to resume normal operation shortly.

For further guidance on setting the time on explosion-proof digital clocks, continue to follow updates from Shenhai Explosion-proof.



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