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Maintenance Methods

Routine Maintenance Methods for Explosion-Proof Clock

1. Explosion-proof timepieces require ongoing maintenance and immediate repair during operation.

explosion proof clock
2. Dust and stains on the cases of explosion-proof clocks should be regularly cleaned off to improve performance. This can be done by either spraying water or using a cloth. Ensure to cut off the power supply when cleaning with water.

3. Check for any impact marks from dirt or signs of corrosion on the transparent components of the clocks. If these conditions are present, cease use and carry out immediate maintenance and replacement.

4. In humid and cold environments, promptly remove any accumulated water within the clock and replace the sealing components to maintain the protective integrity of the casing.

5. To open an explosion-proof electronic clock, follow the guidelines on the warning label and disconnect the power supply before opening the cover.

6. After opening the cover, inspect the explosion-proof joint surface for integrity, check if the rubber seals are hardened or sticky, verify whether the wire insulation is deteriorated or carbonized, and examine if the insulation and electrical parts are deformed or charred. Address these issues with prompt repair and replacement.

7. Ensure that the specifications and characteristics of replaced lamps, parts, and electrical components are consistent with those before maintenance.

8. Before sealing the cover, apply a thin coat of type 204-I replacement anti-rust agent on the explosion-proof joint surface, and check that the sealing ring maintains its effectiveness in its original position.



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