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How Do Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners Provide Explosion Protection

It’s common knowledge that explosion-proof air conditioners are based on branded units, subjected to specialized manufacturing processes for explosion-proofing, ensuring remarkable safety performance. Yet, the intricacies of how they achieve this explosion-proof standard may remain obscure to many.

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Initially, the electrical control system of an explosion-proof air conditioner is pivotal in managing and modulating the operating conditions, featuring a plethora of overload protection functionalities. The compressor, essentially the heart of the cooling system and its most vital component, is encased in steel plates, fabricated through stamping and welding, and is capable of enduring “5Tlpa pressure for 15 minutes without leakage.” The motor’s rotor and stator, along with the compressor’s piston, are hermetically sealed within this robust shell.

The explosion-proof box is meticulously designed to meet the GB3836.2 criteria, incorporating flexible rubber seals for cable entries. The power transformer’s secondary winding powers the inherently safe circuit, conforming to stringent explosion-proof norms.

A dual protection scheme is employed in the pressure-limiting section, featuring two parallel zener diodes, each with a rated power at least 1.5 times that of its dissipation power, and a rated current significantly exceeding 15 times the highest potential short-circuit current during forward conduction. Moreover, the printed circuit board’s wire width aligns with the maximum allowable current for the respective temperature category. The electrical clearance and creepage distances between exposed components adhere to exacting standards. To bolster insulation, both sides of the printed circuit board are uniformly coated twice with insulating varnish post-soldering.



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