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What Should You Pay Attention To When Maintaining Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

Explosion-proof air conditioners, extensively used in hazardous environments, boast unmistakable advantages. These units integrate sophisticated explosion-proof technologies such as flameproof, intrinsic safety, and encapsulation methods. The entire control system is intrinsically safe, eliminating any risk of electric sparks and ensuring safety.

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These air conditioners are developed from established domestic brands and treated to be explosion-proof, maintaining reliable performance without compromising the unit’s functionality. They adhere to the GB3836-2000 and IEC60079 standards, making their regular maintenance and repair paramount.

They meticulously monitor the circuit’s control flows for input and output signals, comparing them to standard signals to identify any irregularities. The diagnostic approach adheres to a principle of escalating complexity, commencing with the primary power source and subsequently examining the peripheral circuits, components, and notably the main driving and control circuits.


1. Only qualified professionals should operate the system;

2. Indoor units require careful maintenance. Use a soft, dry cloth for the front cover and casing, and clean the atmosphere filter every two to three weeks to ensure the unit’s efficient energy use;

3. Maintenance of the outdoor unit is critical. Regular checks for scaling or blockages in the condenser fins are essential. Any signs of aging or cracking should prompt immediate replacement.



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