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The Importance Of Explosion-Proof Air Conditioning Compressor

Ensuring quality is a paramount goal in the explosion-proof air conditioning industry. High-quality units can secure substantial market share, with the compressor serving as the heart of the system, renowned for its intricate technology and complexity. Consequently, the selection of the right compressor is pivotal.

The heart of an explosion-proof air conditioner’s compressor is composed of four key components: the moving disc, stationary disc, mechanism, and crankshaft, all driven by a motor. The crankshaft translates the motor’s primal force or electric energy into mechanical energy. The moving and stationary discs, crafted with spiral lines, are connected to the crankshaft, with the former fixed to the top cover mechanism and the latter to the frame. The mechanism’s motion is supported by bearings above and below, with an additional bearing in the middle to facilitate motor selection movement.

The metal casing of the compressor not only houses the refrigerant and freezing oil but also provides a sturdy base for the motor and the “pump body’s” mechanical moving parts. This ensures the compressor maintains optimal performance with the necessary rigidity and strength. The normal operation of an explosion-proof air conditioner’s compressor relies on the dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerances of each moving part, their assembly precision, fitting clearance, and lubrication state.

Ultimately, choosing the correct compressor for an explosion-proof air conditioner is critical as its quality directly influences the operational efficiency of the unit. Precision and care are indispensable throughout the selection process.



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