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Installation Method

How To Debug Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

The installation of an explosion-proof air conditioning system unfolds in three distinct phases: equipment acceptance, installation, and the installation of the cooling unit. Let’s delve into how to commission an explosion-proof air conditioner.

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Commissioning entails tuning the air conditioner’s cooling load. This process, predicated on successful individual system tests, involves adjusting environmental conditions within the air conditioner’s range, including humidity, temperature, airflow velocity, and supply air temperature. Throughout this process, it’s imperative to ensure that the system operates faultlessly for eight continuous hours under a cooling load.

During pipe installation, precedence must be given to ducts and non-pressurized pipes for optimal coordination. Verifying actual dimensions on-site ensures more seamless collaboration. Moreover, as the intelligence level of air conditioners rises, so do the requirements for power distribution and the demand for robust weak signal transmission, leading to enhanced energy efficiency.

Technical coordination and management are pivotal, emphasizing cross-disciplinary collaboration. Beyond technical proficiency, establishing a comprehensive management system is crucial. This system should leverage management tools to mitigate issues and orchestrate all stages, ensuring tight-knit cooperation throughout.



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