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Performance Characteristics

How Important Is the LED Explosion-Proof Light Casing

As LED explosion-proof lights are designed to prevent explosions through their outer shell and explosion-proof surfaces, the shell of the light is particularly important when making a purchase.

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1. Explosion-Proof Rating:

The higher the rating, the better the quality of the shell.

2. Material:

Most explosion-proof lights are made from aluminum alloy.

3. Thickness and Weight:

To cut costs, some companies manufacture very thin shells. However, for explosion-proof products used in environments with flammable and explosive materials, the thickness of the shell must meet national standards to ensure customer retention and safety.

4. Water, Dust, and Corrosion Resistance:

While LED explosion-proof lights have an explosion-proof rating, some are also water, dust, and corrosion-resistant. The protection level (water and dust resistance) of most fixtures reaches IP65.

5. Heat Dissipation:

The shell uses a patented tri-cavity independent design structure, with a transparent body that facilitates air convection, has small contact surfaces, and offers a large area for heat dissipation.



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