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Are LED Explosion-Proof Lights Resistant To High Temperatures

Many people ask if LED explosion-proof lights are high-temperature resistant or if there are high-temperature resistant LED explosion-proof lights available. I’ve encountered customers needing lights capable of withstanding high temperatures on more than one occasion.

high temperature and explosion proof light
Therefore, it’s necessary for Explosion-Proof Electrical Networks to disseminate knowledge about high-temperature resistant LED explosion-proof lights.

Appropriate Temperature:

In most cases, the suitable temperature for LED explosion-proof lights ranges from -35°C to 65°C. If the surrounding temperature exceeds this range, the heat within the light cannot dissipate, leading to after-sales issues and, before long, light decay. However, many customers claim their explosion-proof lights work at temperatures as high as 150°C. Can they truly operate normally in such environments? When further inquiring about the lifespan of these lights, it’s often revealed that they don’t last very long.

Usage Cost:

Under these temperature conditions, ordinary explosion-proof lights may stop working within a week of purchase and require bulb replacement. This issue can serve as an explanation; such high temperatures are not feasible for LED explosion-proof lights, let alone regular ones.

Some inferior companies only focus on immediate profit, promising capabilities that some explosion-proof lights simply cannot achieve. In reality, LED explosion-proof lights cannot meet these conditions, and no such high-temperature resistant explosion-proof lights exist on the market. Forcing their use and frequently replacing bulbs only leads to increased after-sales costs.



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