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How To Choose A High-Quality Explosion-Proof Light

When selecting a high-quality explosion-proof light, consider the following five critical aspects:

1. Explosion-Proof Certification:

This is essentially the light’s ‘identity card.’ The certification should be valid and verifiable through a nationally recognized testing institution’s website.

2. LED Chips:

Choose chips that are high-efficiency and low-decay. It’s crucial to opt for chips from manufacturers with stringent quality requirements. Ideally, select original imported Cree chips from the USA.

3. Drive Power Supply:

A vital component of the light fixture, the LED drive power supply market is mixed, with varying quality. Ensure you select a power supply with mandatory national 3C certification.

4. Cooling System:

A proper cooling system is essential to ensure the longevity of the light and reduce luminous decay.

5. Reputable Manufacturer:

Opt for a manufacturer with a long establishment history and significant registered capital, indicating reliability and experience.



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