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Why Choose Aluminum Alloy As The Shell Material Of Explosion-Proof Light

Many customers may not realize that aluminum alloy is chosen over steel or stainless steel for the casing material of LED explosion-proof lights. This selection is due to the outstanding properties of aluminum alloy itself.

Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Casings

Superior Heat Conductivity:

Aluminum alloy is known for its excellent heat conduction, allowing the light fixtures to dissipate a significant amount of heat. If a metal with inferior heat conduction is used, it might not disperse heat quickly enough, potentially causing the lights to burn out. This is similar to some smartphones that choose aluminum alloy for their casings for better heat management.

Resilience to Impact:

Aluminum profiles have a simple yet robust design capable of withstanding significant impacts. The impact resistance of aluminum doesn’t stem from its hardness; in fact, aluminum is relatively soft compared to other metals, which allows it to absorb shocks effectively and offers strong resistance to impacts.


Compared to other metals, aluminum alloy is more affordable. Most LED explosion-proof lights have an inner wall thickness of at least 5mm. Given the considerable weight of the fixtures, often tens of pounds, and the need for both heat dissipation and impact resistance, the cost must remain reasonable. Aluminum alloy emerges as the best metal material for manufacturing LED explosion-proof lights due to these requirements.



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