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Maintenance Methods

How to Quickly Change the Light Tube of Explosion-Proof Light

We understand that explosion-proof lights contain tubes that might cease functioning and stop emitting light over time. Prompt replacement of these tubes is crucial.

explosion proof fluorescent light tube

1. Power Disconnection:

Safety is paramount. Always disconnect or turn off the power before proceeding. Begin by carefully removing the light’s cover and cleaning it with a clean cloth. Then, identify which tube has failed and needs replacement. This initial inspection is a critical first step.

2. Purchasing Tubes:

Once you’ve assessed the situation inside the lamp and noted any blackening at the ends of the tube, indicating prolonged use or electrical issues, it’s time to purchase a new tube. Take the specifications of the old tube to a specialty lighting store and acquire a replacement.

3. Removing the Tube:

Familiarity with the light’s internal structure reveals that tube removal is a straightforward process. Simply unclip the fasteners holding the tube, and it should come away easily.

4. Installing the New Tube:

The most crucial step is fitting the new tube. Carefully align it and secure it into place, ensuring it’s correctly powered and fastened.

5. Powering On:

After installation, test the new tube by turning the power back on. If it lights up, the replacement has been successful.

It’s important to note that while the process of replacing tubes in explosion-proof lights isn’t overly complex, a critical safety step is ensuring the power is disconnected before starting any work. Following the detailed steps provided should facilitate a successful tube replacement.



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