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What to Pay Attention to When Installing Explosion-Proof Lights in the Factory Building

The lamps used in the factory are almost all fixed lighting lamps. What should we pay attention to when installing explosion-proof lights in our workshops?

installation of explosion proof lights

1. Brightness

This aspect is crucial. Insufficient brightness can significantly affect subsequent use. If the lighting is not bright enough, workers might make mistakes due to poor visibility of the products, leading to various issues during production. Therefore, ensuring adequate brightness to facilitate normal working conditions is essential.

2. Angle

Many factories have areas with blind spots, where some workers might linger unproductively during work hours. To mitigate this, the angle of light installation is significant. Ideally, the lighting should cover the entire factory space, leaving no dark corners.

3. Wiring

Wiring is extremely important, considering the numerous light bulbs in a factory. A simplistic connection method could mean that if one bulb fails, the entire factory’s lighting could be compromised, affecting regular operations. Wiring also poses safety risks, potentially leading to accidents.

4. Height of Lights

The height of lights is a critical factor. Lights positioned too low can cause discomfort to the eyes, while those set too high may not effectively illuminate the workspace. Both excessively high and low heights can impact normal usage of the lights.



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