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Technical Specifications

Principles For Wire Selection And Arrangement Of Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

1. Inside the equipment, connections among various components must utilize copper core insulated wiring, which could be either standard wires or cables. This wiring’s insulation needs to adhere to the equipment’s rated voltage criteria, and its capacity for current flow and heat generation must align with established standards, similar to the requirements for intrinsically safe electrical devices.

explosion proof electrical equipment wiring
2. Wires within the equipment must be routed to avoid any contact with parts that are either high-temperature or mobile.

3. Internal wiring should be tidily arranged and securely bundled. However, it’s imperative that intrinsically safe wiring is not bundled together with other types of wires. ‘Tidily arranged’ implies that each wire in the bundle should avoid crossing or tangling with others.

4. Standard, unshielded high-frequency wires should not be installed parallel to other wires.

5. Intermediate connections or joints are not permissible on internal wiring.



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