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Technical Specifications

Assembly Procedures for Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

Once the assembly order is set, defining the assembly processes becomes essential to guarantee the quality of assembly.

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Key Principles:

1. Precisely assess the degree to which processes are centralized or dispersed.

2. Logically define each step in the process along with its associated tasks.

3. Provide a succinct description of each assembly operation, such as the methods for safeguarding explosion-proof surfaces and achieving compatibility in explosion-proof structures.

4. Clearly specify the assembly criteria, inspection details, techniques, and tools for each step.

5. Set the time quota for each individual process.

The criteria and details of the assembly procedures are tailored based on the volume of the products and the requirements of the assembly. For single items or small batches, the process can be streamlined provided it meets the assembly requirements. In contrast, for large-scale production, assembly procedures should be meticulously structured following these fundamental principles.



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