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Performance Characteristics

What Types of Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment Are There

Explosion-proof electrical equipment mainly consists of explosion-proof motors, electrical devices, and lighting fixtures.

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Explosion-Proof Motors

These are differentiated by voltage levels into low-voltage motors (rated voltage below 1.5 kilovolts) and high-voltage motors (rated voltage above 1.5 kilovolts).

Explosion-Proof Electrical Devices

This category includes explosion-proof switching devices and accessories. They are categorized based on function into high and low voltage switches, starters, relays, control devices, junction boxes, among others.

Explosion-Proof Lighting Fixtures

This group features a diverse range of products and models, sorted by light source type, including incandescent, fluorescent, and other lighting fixtures.

Classification by Explosion-Proof Types

These types include flameproof (for explosive gas atmospheres), increased safety (for explosive gas atmospheres), composite explosion-proof types, among others.

Classification by Explosive Gas Environments

Class I: Specifically for use in coal mines;

Class II: For use in explosive gas environments other than coal mines.



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