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Maintenance Methods

Routine Inspection Items for Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

Explosion-proof electrical equipment is essential in hazardous environments, but a lack of comprehensive maintenance over time can turn it into a risk, negating its preventative purpose.

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1. Conduct a review of general inspection procedures.

2. Assess junction boxes, incoming line devices, protective seal boxes, angled connectors for tightness, secure mounting, and adherence to explosion-proof standards.

3. Evaluate the level of corrosion on motors, electrical devices, instrument panels, and the equipment itself, ensuring screws are securely fastened and interlock mechanisms function properly.

4. For oil-immersed explosion-proof equipment, verify that oil level indicators, drainage systems, and gas venting structures remain clear and leak-free, with an installation incline not exceeding 5 degrees.

5. Ensure that the internal air pressure of pressurized explosion-proof equipment meets or exceeds the values indicated on the equipment label, and that the pressure cut-off alarm system is responsive.

6. Check cables for looseness, vibration-induced damage, and signs of corrosion.

7. Beyond explosion-proof specifications, maintain the equipment in optimum condition in accordance with general electrical equipment standards.



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