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Technical Specifications

Structural Characteristics of LED Explosion-Proof Lights

The enclosure of LED explosion-proof lights is made from high-strength aluminum alloy, cast through die-casting, and finished with a high-pressure electrostatic spray. This gives it excellent corrosion resistance. The exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel, enhancing its durability. LED explosion-proof lights are suitable for illumination in distilleries, as they offer waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof features. Distilleries, known for their humid environments and potential chemical corrosion, can be challenging; however, LED explosion-proof lights are designed to thrive in such complex conditions.

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Adjustable Angle Mounting Bracket:

The LED explosion-proof light comes with a high-quality, extremely durable steel structure bracket. It has movable screws on both sides, allowing for easy angle adjustment and space-saving storage.

Tempered Glass Cover:

These lights are equipped with a high-strength, ultra-clear tempered glass cover, which offers high translucency and impact resistance, ensuring safe and reliable operation in hazardous environments.

Efficient Heat Dissipation Structure:

The LED explosion-proof light’s casing features a vented groove partition design, effectively utilizing air convection to accelerate heat dissipation. This also includes a self-cleaning function for the fixture, extending its lifespan.

Specially Designed Cable System:

The cable setup of the LED explosion-proof light is specially designed for easy, quick, and safe installation and maintenance, ensuring a secure connection between the cable and the light body.

Fatigue-Resistant Illumination:

Compared to other explosion-proof lights, LED explosion-proof lights have a unique light distribution. They provide a strong, evenly distributed light over a wide area with a 220° angle of illumination. The efficient use of light, coupled with a soft, glare-free illumination, reduces eye fatigue in complex working environments, thereby enhancing work efficiency.



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