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Structural Form Of LED Explosion-Proof Light

The design of explosion-proof lighting fixtures must be tailored to the specific zone and area of explosive gas environments. For instance, in Zone 1 areas, flameproof (explosion-proof) lighting fixtures are mandatory; in Zone 2, both flameproof and increased-safety fixtures can be used for fixed lighting, while portable lighting must be flameproof. The selected explosion-proof lighting’s level or group should not be lower than the level and group of the explosive mixtures present in the hazardous environment. Additionally, the impact of the environment on explosion-proof lighting should be considered, including requirements for ambient temperature, air humidity, and resistance to corrosive or contaminant substances. The choice of protection and corrosion resistance ratings for lighting fixtures is critical, especially in explosive gas environments with corrosive gases.

led explosion proof light
Historically, in petrochemical industries, flameproof lighting fixtures were predominantly used in hazardous areas. However, with the widespread application of increased-safety electrical equipment in Zone 2 hazardous areas, increased-safety and composite lighting fixtures are increasingly being used. Compared to flameproof fixtures, increased-safety fixtures offer advantages like lighter weight, lower cost, easier installation and maintenance, and longer service life. The commonly used composite electrical equipment in petrochemical industries combines flameproof and increased-safety features, typically consisting of flameproof components, increased-safety terminals, and an increased-safety enclosure. This composite design offers the safety of flameproof fixtures along with the benefits of increased-safety models.

In LED explosion-proof lighting, both flameproof and increased-safety properties are utilized. For portable fixtures, flameproof components are used. Regardless of the type of explosion-proof component, the level of explosion protection must not be lower than the level and group of the explosive mixtures in the hazardous environment. Of course, when using LED explosion-proof lighting, factors such as the installation environment, ambient temperature, air humidity, and control of corrosive and contaminant substances should also be considered.



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