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Technical Specifications

The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Level BT and CT

Explosion-proof rating:

Explosion-proof equipment with a CT4 rating is classified as Exd IIC T4. BT4 explosion-proof equipment is rated as Exd IIB T4, which is a lower explosion-proof rating than CT4 equipment.

Condition CategoryGas ClassificationRepresentative gasesMinimum Ignition Spark Energy
Under The MineIMethane0.280mJ
Factories Outside The MineIIAPropane0.180mJ


CT has the widest range of applicability.

Gas environment:

CT is an explosion-proof rating for acetylene and hydrogen levels. If there are gases like acetylene or hydrogen in the environment, CT-rated explosion-proof equipment is required. BT-rated equipment is not suitable for acetylene environments and is only considered a moderate explosion-proof level.



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