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What Does Dust Explosion-Proof A21 Mean

Class A equipment designated for Dust Explosion Zone 21 is characterized by a maximum surface temperature of TA 85°C. In environments where explosions must be prevented, the air can contain flammable and explosive materials such as gases, vapors, dust, and fibers. Explosions can occur when these substances come into contact with sparks, flames, certain temperatures, or specific air pressures. It is therefore critical to take measures to prevent such explosions.

Zone 20Zone 21Zone 22
An explosive environment in the air that continuously appears in the form of combustible dust clouds, exists for a long time or frequently.Places where explosive environments in the air may appear or occasionally appear in the form of combustible dust clouds during normal operation.In the normal operation process, an explosive environment in the air in the form of combustible dust clouds is impossible to occur in places where the instrument exists for a short period of time.

This highlights the importance of adhering to strict safety standards, especially in industrial environments where explosive materials are present. The use of Class A devices, with their specified maximum surface temperature, is a key strategy in mitigating the risk of explosions. These devices are designed to operate safely within explosive atmospheres by limiting their surface temperatures below the ignition temperatures of the surrounding flammable materials.

The implementation of such safety protocols ensures that operations in hazardous areas remain secure and explosion-free, thereby protecting both personnel and infrastructure.



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