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What Does Explosion-Proof Level 4 Mean

Explosion-proof designation exdllct4:

Temperature level IEC/EN/GB3836The high surface temperature T of the device [℃]Igniting temperature of combustible substances [℃]Combustible substances
T1450T>45046 types of hydrogen, acrylonitrile, etc
T2300450≥T>30047 types of acetylene, ethylene, etc
T3200300≥T>20036 types of gasoline, butyraldehyde, etc
T5100135≥T>100Carbon disulfide
T685100≥T>85Ethyl nitrate

Ex signifies explosion-proof;

d represents a flameproof type;

IIC indicates a safety gap smaller than 0.5 mm and a current below 0.45A;

T4 designates the temperature classification for explosion-proof electrical equipment, specifying that the surface temperature of the explosion-proof equipment must not exceed 135°C.



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