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Explanation Of Terms

What Does Explosion-Proof Level ABC Mean

The “abc” represents gas classifications, categorized into three levels—IIA, IIB, and IIC—according to the maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) or the minimum igniting current (MIC).

Condition CategoryGas ClassificationRepresentative gasesMinimum Ignition Spark Energy
Under The MineIMethane0.280mJ
Factories Outside The MineIIAPropane0.180mJ

Of these, the IIC classification is deemed the most hazardous, with IIB and IIA following in decreasing order of risk. Gases falling under the IIC classification include hydrogen, acetylene, carbon disulfide, ethyl nitrate, and water gas. Those in the IIB category encompass ethylene, coke oven gas, propyne, and hydrogen sulfide. The IIA classification includes gases such as methane, ethane, benzene, and diesel.



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