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Performance Characteristics

What Is the Difference Between Square LED Explosion-Proof Lights and Round LED Explosion-Proof Lights

Shape: As the names suggest, one is square, and the other is round.

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Installation Method:

Cylindrical types are suitable for bending rods, hanging rods, or flange-type lamp posts, whereas square columns can only be paired with brackets or mounted on street light heads.


Depending on the installation site, both round and square generally fall under flood-type lighting. However, square LED explosion-proof lights have a stronger floodlight effect with a wider illumination angle and are suitable for use in large-area factory zones.

Emission Angle:

Round lights have an emission angle of 110 degrees, while square lights have an emission angle of 90 degrees.

Currently, square LED explosion-proof lights have higher sales than round ones, which is related to aesthetic preferences in China. The square shape, being neat and grand, is preferred for its imposing presence. It also simplifies installation, as it can be directly hung on the net pipe. Round shapes, on the other hand, require hanging rods and are thus a matter of personal aesthetic preference!



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