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Which Is Safer and Higher in Explosion-Proof Levels CT4 or CT6

In the realm of explosion-proof products, both CT6 and CT4 denote surface temperatures, but the surface temperature of T6 group products is lower than that of T4 group products. T6 group products are thus more suitable for explosion-proof applications due to their lower surface temperatures.

Surface Temperature Classes of Electrical Equipment:

Temperature group of electrical equipmentMaximum allowable surface temperature of electrical equipment (℃)Gas/vapor ignition temperature (℃)Applicable device temperature levels

For instance, if the ignition temperature of explosive gases in the environment where a factory’s explosion-proof lighting is used is 100 degrees, then at its worst operating condition, the surface temperature of any part of the lighting should remain below 100 degrees.

Take the example of buying a television; naturally, you would prefer its surface temperature to remain low when it’s on. The same principle applies to explosion-proof products: lower operating surface temperatures equate to safer usage. T4 surface temperatures can reach up to 135 degrees, while T6 surface temperatures can go up to 85 degrees. The lower surface temperatures of T6 products make them less likely to ignite explosive gases and demand higher technical specifications for explosion-proof equipment. Consequently, it’s evident that the explosion-proof rating of CT6 is higher and safer than that of CT4.



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