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Why Are LED Explosion-Proof Lights Installed in the Comprehensive Pipe Gallery

Underground comprehensive utility tunnels are designed to centralize various public pipelines into one integrated structure, with added space for maintenance personnel to move around. This design not only saves surface and indoor space but also facilitates easier management and maintenance of pipelines. The economic, social, and environmental benefits of such tunnels are significant. LED explosion-proof lights meet the illumination needs of these tunnels perfectly, enabling workers to comprehensively observe and maintain the tunnel infrastructure, which is beneficial for maintenance and expansion projects.

comprehensive pipe gallery

The construction of underground comprehensive utility tunnels differs from surface construction. Due to the unique environmental constraints, such as humidity and lack of natural light, reliable lighting is crucial. Temporary lighting fixtures are equally important in these conditions. Traditional construction site electrical equipment, like incandescent bulbs or LED tubes, pose several challenges:

1. Temporary pipelines laid during installation are often used for temporary electrical needs during construction, leading to safety hazards.

2. The installation of lighting fixtures and pipelines using LED tubes or bulbs often incurs high manual and economic costs.

3. Lighting fixtures are prone to damage due to human activities and are difficult to reuse due to transportation and breakage issues.

4. In underground tunnels, high humidity can cause traditional lighting fixtures to corrode, affecting their appearance and functionality. Condensation can lead to short circuits and frequent malfunctions.

5. Long distances in tunnel construction projects often lead to the use of old cables or aluminum core cables to reduce costs. This can result in high internal resistance in the electrical system, causing insufficient voltage at the end of the supply chain. This leads to dim lighting and fixture damage, affecting normal construction activities.

Therefore, a practical and straightforward lighting solution for underground tunnels is essential.

Choosing LED solid-state light sources, which are free from fusion and embrittlement defects, with an average lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours, offers a maintenance-free solution. LEDs are currently the most efficient light sources, providing 50-70% energy savings compared to traditional sources. They achieve the same illumination intensity with lower output power, meeting green environmental standards. The fixtures are stable, durable, and can provide scientifically calculated lighting layouts and brightness.

Thus, the advent of tunnel explosion-proof lights perfectly addresses the issues of humidity and high corrosiveness in underground tunnels, providing effective illumination.



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