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Analysis Of Waterproof Level Of LED Explosion-Proof Lights

LED explosion-proof lights have many advantages, with waterproofing being a crucial aspect. Nowadays, many electrical products are designed with waterproof ratings, and different models have varying levels of waterproofing. So, are you familiar with the specific details of lower waterproof ratings for LED explosion-proof lights? If not, let’s explore it together!

NumberProtection rangeExplain
0UnprotectedNo special protection against water or moisture
1Prevent water droplets from soaking inVertically falling water droplets (such as condensate) will not cause damage to electrical appliances
2When tilted at 15 degrees, water droplets can still be prevented from soaking inWhen the appliance is tilted vertically to 15 degrees, dripping water will not cause damage to the appliance
3Prevent sprayed water from soaking inPrevent rain or damage to electrical appliances caused by water sprayed in directions with a vertical angle of less than 60 degrees
4Prevent splashing water from enteringPrevent water splashing from all directions from entering electrical appliances and causing damage
5Prevent sprayed water from soaking inPrevent low-pressure water spraying that lasts for at least 3 minutes
6Prevent large waves from soaking inPrevent excessive water spraying that lasts for at least 3 minutes
7Prevent water immersion during immersionPrevent soaking effects for 30 minutes in water up to 1 meter deep
8Prevent water immersion during sinkingPrevent continuous soaking effects in water with a depth exceeding 1 meter. The accurate conditions are specified by the manufacturer for each device.

LED explosion-proof lights have nine levels of waterproof ratings, namely: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Let’s elaborate on each:

0: No protection;

1: Dripping water onto the enclosure has no harmful effect;

2: When the enclosure is tilted up to 15 degrees, dripping water does not have any harmful effect;

3: Water or rain falling at a 60-degree angle to the enclosure does not affect it;

4: Liquid splashing against the enclosure from any direction has no harmful impact;

5: Water jets directed at the enclosure cause no harm;

6: Suitable for use in ship deck environments;

7: Capable of withstanding short durations of immersion in water;

8: Remains waterproof under certain pressure conditions for prolonged immersion.

Therefore, when purchasing LED explosion-proof lights, you should select a light with the appropriate waterproof rating based on your specific operational environment.



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