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How To Choose LED Explosion-Proof Light Power Supply

The continuous refinement of functions and enhancement of performance have made LED explosion-proof lights increasingly prominent. The selection of the right LED light source for explosion-proof lighting has become particularly critical. The following points should be noted:

led explosion proof light power supply

Isolation Requirement:

Generally, a 16W isolated power supply is designed for a 16W capacity and is meant to fit into the explosion-proof light power tube in a factory. However, its transformer is quite bulky and challenging to install. The decision mainly depends on spatial structure and specific circumstances. Typically, isolation can only reach up to 16W, with few exceeding this limit, and they tend to be more expensive. Consequently, isolators aren’t cost-effective, and non-isolated power supplies are more mainstream, being more compact with the smallest possible size up to 8mm high. With proper safety measures, isolators pose no issues, and permitted spaces can also accommodate isolated power sources.

Heat Dissipation:

The primary factor of a cooling solution is to significantly extend the life of the explosion-proof light power supply used in factories by preventing overheating. Typically, aluminum alloy materials are used for better heat dissipation. Therefore, the beads of the LED explosion-proof light power supply are placed on an aluminum base plate to maximize external heat dissipation.

Working Current:

The characteristics of LED explosion-proof lights mean they are significantly affected by their operational environment, such as temperature changes, which can increase the LED’s current and voltage. Operating for extended periods beyond the rated current can greatly reduce the lifespan of the LED beads. LED constant current ensures that the working current remains stable despite changes in temperature, voltage, and other environmental factors.



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