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Characteristics and Advantages of Explosion-Proof Fans


1. Similar Functionality with Added Safety: Explosion-proof fans, like their standard counterparts, perform the same functions. The key difference lies in their certification for explosion safety as mandated by national standards. These fans are specifically equipped with explosion-proof motors.

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2. Material Combination for Safety: The components of explosion-proof fans, such as impellers and casings, are made from a combination of soft and hard materials. Typically, a soft-hard pairing is used for rotating and stationary parts to prevent spark generation from friction or collision during malfunctions. Commonly, impeller blades and rivets are made of 2a01 hard aluminum, while casings are made from galvanized steel or fiberglass.

3. Reliable Performance Metrics: The performance indicators listed in the explosion-proof fan specifications represent the effective range, divided into five performance points based on airflow. Selection depends on the performance chart. Certified fire fans must maintain a total pressure value error within ±5% at the rated airflow. The performance selection table is based on standard conditions, unaffected by technical documents or order requirements.


1. Stable and Quiet Operation: The fan’s bracket is welded from steel tubing and angle iron, while the blades are crafted from hot-rolled steel plates. Post-static balance calibration ensures smooth operation with minimal vibration and low noise.

2. Corrosion-Resistant Coating for Enhanced Durability: The casing is treated with epoxy anti-corrosive paint, and the motor is specially designed for corrosion resistance, making it suitable for transporting corrosive gases. The GB35-11 type explosion-proof axial flow fan is designed for flammable and explosive gases. Its impeller is made from aluminum alloy to prevent spark generation during operation, and the motor is of the flameproof variety.

3. Robust and Aesthetic Guard: The guard is constructed from φ5/mm steel wire rope spot welding, ensuring both strength and aesthetic appeal.

4. Convenient and Stable Bracket: The bracket, made from high-frequency welded pipes, offers convenience and stability.



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