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Commonly Used Equipment In Coal Mines

Labor Protection Supplies:

This category encompasses full cotton work attire, gloves, safety helmets, waterproof rubber boots, miner’s lights, individual first-aid kits, tunnel signage, and underground electronic signal boards, among others.

coal mines

Safety Tools:

This range includes pneumatic picks, electric drills, hydraulic drills, and tools for electricians.

Safety Monitoring Systems:

These systems cover gas detection, video surveillance, personnel monitoring, production tracking, centralized monitoring of conveyor belts, along with monitoring of pumps, fans, air compressors, transmission lines, and include emergency wireless communications and dispatch systems.

Mining and Production Equipment:

The equipment in this segment consists of roadheaders, conveyors, scraper machines, and more.

These products are critical for ensuring safety in production. Electrical devices must possess coal safety and explosion-proof certifications, and special products often require additional specialized certifications.



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