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What Equipment Is Needed for New Coal Mines

Coal Mining Equipment:

This includes shearers, continuous miners, planers, and spiral drilling rigs.

new coal mines

Conveying Equipment:

The range covers belt conveyors and scraper conveyors.

Working Face Support Equipment:

Encompasses hydraulic supports and single props.

Tunneling Equipment:

The equipment range comprises rock tunneling machines, half-coal rock tunneling machines, and hard rock tunneling machines.

Ventilation Equipment:

This category includes main and local ventilation fans.

Tunnel Support Equipment:

Features hydraulic anchor drilling rigs, pneumatic anchor drilling rigs, pneumatic side anchor drilling rigs, leg pneumatic side anchor drilling rigs, and column support pneumatic handheld drilling rigs.

Gas Detection and Release Equipment:

Consists of column anchor drilling rigs, underground drilling rigs for coal mines, and coal mine-specific mud pumps.

Feeding Equipment:

Comprises dual-mass vibrating feeders, activated coal feeders, belt coal feeders, and hydraulic hopper gates.



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