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Explosion-Proof Axial Fan Maintenance Guide

1. Ensure the safety valve on the explosion-proof axial fan is responsive; if unresponsive, adjust it to guarantee safe operation.

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2. Inspect for any oil leaks or air leaks; contact the manufacturer immediately if these cannot be repaired.

3. Maintain a clean environment for the fan, keeping the fan’s surface, and its intake and exhaust clear of obstructions. Routinely remove any dust and debris from the fan and its ductwork.

4. Axial fans require a sufficient and stable power supply, with dedicated power lines.

5. Replace bearing grease as needed based on usage or at irregular intervals, ensuring the fan is well-lubricated during operation; lubrication should occur at least once every 1000 hours for sealed and motor bearings.

6. Keep the fan in a dry location to protect the motor from moisture.

7. Should the fan operate abnormally, cease operation and conduct repairs promptly.

Always follow the manual when operating an explosion-proof axial fan to ensure it is maintained properly and operates efficiently.



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