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Installation Specifications

What Should You Pay Attention to When Installing Explosion-Proof Axial Flow Fans

To enhance the design and performance of explosion-proof axial fans, consider the following installation guidelines:

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1. Inspect the fan for any physical damage or deformation before installation and verify that the supply voltage falls within the specified range. Adjust the voltage as necessary before proceeding with a test run.

2. Ensure all connections are secure and the gaps between the blades and air duct are uniform. A collector must be fitted at the fan’s intake, and the base should naturally align and level with the ground before securing with bolts.

3. Verify the fan’s grounding.

4. Prior to the test run, momentarily activate the power to confirm the alignment of the fan with the directional arrows on the casing. Adjust the power phase if needed.

5. To maintain optimal performance as per the performance curve, ensure no obstructions during the test run, keeping both the intake and exhaust clear. Blockages can reduce airflow and, in severe cases, cause surging.

6. Monitor the balance of the three-phase current and listen for any unusual noises from the motor, impeller, or transmission components during commissioning. Immediately halt operations and cut power if any abnormalities are detected, diagnose the issue, address the fault, and only then continue operations.



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