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Maintenance Methods

What to Do if the Explosion-Proof Axial Flow Fan Overheats

Electronic products, including explosion-proof axial fans, can overheat with extended use. What are the reasons behind this? Let’s delve into this issue.

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Inadequate ventilation, elevated indoor temperatures, low operational speeds, and slipping belts can contribute to high intake temperatures in explosion-proof axial fans. These temperatures often arise from poor gear engagement or insufficient clearance, leading to fan overheating. Adjusting the gear pair’s meshing conditions can mitigate this issue.

Moreover, excessive, overly viscous, or contaminated oil can obstruct filters or silencers, impacting the fan’s temperature. It is vital to ensure the quality of the oil used in the fan, favoring high-quality oil and maintaining cleanliness.

To summarize, to prevent overheating of explosion-proof axial fans, avoid contact with the fan casing to prevent burns and regularly clear dust from the fan’s surfaces. Excessive dust hampers cooling efficiency, resulting in high temperatures and potential equipment failures.



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