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Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment Marking

The “Ex” at the beginning of a complete explosion-proof marking signifies that it belongs to a specific type of explosion-proof equipment, yet it does not detail its particular explosion-proof features.

explosion proof level-1

Markings of Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

TypeExplosion Proof TypeIncreased Safety TypeIntrinsic Safety TypePositive Pressure TypeOil Filled TypeSand Filled MoldSpark Free TypeExmAirtight Type
Signdeia and ibpoqnmh

These markings methodically display the explosion-proof type, level, and category. For instance:

Ex d ii refers to a Class II, Level B, Group T3 flameproof electrical device;

Ex ia II AT5 indicates a Class II, Level A, Group T5 ia level intrinsically safe electrical device;

Ex ep II BT4 designates an increased safety type electrical device with pressurized components for explosion protection;

Exd II (NH3) or Ex d II ammonia identifies a flameproof electrical device designed for helium gas environments;

Ex d I represents a mining-specified Class I flameproof electrical device;

Ex d/II BT4 signifies a flameproof electrical device applicable for both Class I and Class II, Level B, Group T4.

Dust explosion-proof electrical devices are marked with the DIP (Dust Ignition Proof) symbol. Examples include:

DIP A20 and DIP A21, for Type A dust explosion-proof devices in Zones 20 and 21, respectively;

DIP A22 for a Type A dust explosion-proof device in Zone 22;

DIP B22 for a Type B dust explosion-proof device in Zone 22, among others.



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