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Technical Specifications

Explosion-Proof Level Of Explosion-Proof Crane

Different requirements for explosion-proof classifications of cranes arise from varying flammable and explosive environments. These requirements fall into three main categories:

Condition CategoryGas ClassificationRepresentative gasesMinimum Ignition Spark Energy
Under The MineIMethane0.280mJ
Factories Outside The MineIIAPropane0.180mJ

1. Class I explosion-proof cranes, designated as Exd I;

2. Class II industrial explosion-proof cranes, designated as Exd IIB T4 or Exd IIC T4;

3. Dust explosion-proof cranes, designated as DIP A21 TA T4;

Within Class II, explosion-proof cranes categorized as flameproof “d” and intrinsically safe “i” are classified into IIA, IIB, and IIC levels. Cranes with an IIB rating are appropriate for IIA environments, whereas cranes rated IIC are suitable for both IIA and IIB environments.



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