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Explosion Proof Pipe Fitings/

Explosion Proof Cable Gland BDM-VIII-II

Type:Explosion Proof Cable Gland

Color:Steel Color

Ex Mark:Ex db IIC T6 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80℃ Db

IP Rating:IP66

Model Number:BDM-VIII-II


Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Product Weight(kg):0.2

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Technical Parameter

explosion proof cable gland bdm

BDM – Type VIII-II parameters and profiles

It is made of high-quality carbon steel, brass or stainless steel. The displacement type cable clighting device has strong waterproof performance. The stuffing box has a single-layer sealing structure Threaded connection port, suitable for armored cable entry.

explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii installation dimensions

Thread sizeMaximum outer diameter of cable (outgoing line)Cable outer diameter (incoming line)Thread lengthLength (L)Opposite edge/maximum outer diameter S( φ)Thread size
G 1/2NPT 1/2M20x1.5129~14159727/30G 1/2NPT 1/2M20x1.5
G 3/4SNPT 3/4SM25x1.5S189834/37G 3/4SNPT 3/4SM25x1.5S
G 3/4NPT 3/4M25x1.514~19G 3/4NPT 3/4M25x1.5
G 1SNPT 1SM32x1.5S2114~201710238/42G 1SNPT 1SM32x1.5S
G 1NPT 1M32x1.519~2428/42G 1NPT 1M32x1.5
G 1 1/4NPT 1 1/4M40x1.52725~3010348/54G 1 1/4NPT 1 1/4M40x1.5
G 1 1/2SNPT 1 1/2SM50x1.5S3731~3610655/61G 1 1/2SNPT 1 1/2SM50x1.5S
G 1 1/2NPT 1 1/2M50x1.535~39G 1 1/2NPT 1 1/2M50x1.5
G2SNPT 2SM63x1.5S4639~451910968/74G2SNPT 2SM63x1.5S
G 2NPT 2M63x1.542~50G 2NPT 2M63x1.5
G 2 1/2SNPT 2 1/2SM75x1.5S5748~562412985/94G 2 1/2SNPT 2 1/2SM75x1.5S
G 2 1/2NPT 2 1/2M75x1.556~65G 2 1/2NPT 2 1/2M75x1.5
G 3SNPT 3SM90x1.5S7251~6526134100/110G 3SNPT 3SM90x1.5S
G 3NPT 3M90x1.564~75G 3NPT 3M90x1.5
G 4SNPT 4SM115x2S9074~8428139125/135G 4SNPT 4SM115x2S
G 4NPT 4M115x287~98G 4NPT 4M115x2

Explosion proof signDegree of protection
Ex eb ⅡC Gb
Ex tb ⅢC T80℃Db

Product Features

explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii-9
explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii-10
explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii-11
explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii-12
explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii-13
explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii-14
explosion proof cable gland bdm-viii-ii-15

Applicable Scope

1. It is applicable to the places in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of explosive gas environment;

2. It is applicable to the places in Zone 21 and 22 of combustible dust environment;

3. Suitable for IIA, IIB and IIC explosive gas environment;

4. Applicable to T1-T6 temperature group;

5. It is widely used for clighting and sealing cables in dangerous environment places such as petroleum exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, gas station, etc.

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