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Technical Specifications

Scope of Application of LED Explosion-Proof Lights

Are you familiar with LED explosion-proof lights or their application in special environments? If not, it’s essential to understand that using them correctly can significantly extend their lifespan without compromising performance. Here are some key conditions for using LED explosion-proof lights:

led explosion proof light

1. Altitude Limitations:

The optimal operating altitude for LED explosion-proof lights is below 2000 meters. If usage above this altitude is necessary, consult with the manufacturer beforehand. Operating these lights at higher altitudes without consultation may reduce their performance and lifespan.

2. Temperature Range:

LED explosion-proof lights are best used in environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°C. The ideal temperature is around 20°C, with optimal performance observed within 30 days under these conditions.

3. Environmental Considerations:

The usage environment should not compromise the surface insulation of the lights, such as exposure to gases or vapors, as well as significant vibration or shock.

4. Pollution Levels:

When used in environments with pollution level 3, LED explosion-proof lights can resist most contaminants and are available in various installation categories for different needs.

If you notice any surface damage or internal factory damage to the LED explosion-proof lights, report and discuss the damage with your provider promptly. This ensures safe and reliable operation of the lights in your specific environment.



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