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What Is the Difference Between Explosion-Proof and Flameproof


Explosion-Proof: Components susceptible to generating sparks, arcs, or dangerous temperatures are housed within an explosion-proof enclosure. This enclosure segregates the device’s internal space from its external environment.

flameproof distribution box
Flameproof: Designed to withstand the shocks and heat of explosions, ensuring no damage occurs and the device remains operational.


Explosion-Proof: The enclosure features gaps to accommodate the ‘breathing’ of electrical equipment and gas penetration, potentially leading to explosive gas mixtures inside. Should an explosion occur, the enclosure is robust enough to handle the resulting pressure without sustaining damage.

Moreover, these gaps in the enclosure structure serve to cool flames, slow down flame spread, or interrupt the acceleration chain, thereby safeguarding against flame-related hazards. The flameproof gap is instrumental in igniting an external explosive atmosphere, thus fulfilling its explosion-protection role.

Flameproof: Ideal for electrical devices in explosive environments.



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