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What Should Be Noted for LED Explosion-Proof Lights in Power Plants

Many have recently posed a common challenge concerning the use of LED explosion-proof lights in power plants.

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Critical areas in power plants that must use LED explosion-proof lights include the main engine room, coal transport bridges, and heat exchange stations, known for their high-risk environment.

1. Power Module:

1. For LED explosion-proof lights functioning in power plants, it’s essential to have luminous flux compensation to reduce light attenuation and ensure efficient luminosity of the LED sources.

2. Additionally, they should be equipped with over-voltage and over-current protection, along with surge current maintenance.

2. Light Source Control Module:

These lights should feature high-brightness LED sources with a constant current driver output, saving about 60% of energy compared to gas discharge lamps.

2. All LED components are sealed against moisture and pollution, eliminating the need for internal cleaning and maintenance.

3. The circuit boards have a low heat transfer coefficient, and the power module’s electrical circuit is specifically designed. A common malfunction in any module won’t affect the normal operation of other components.

3. Heat Pipe Cooling Control Module:

1. The explosion-proof lamp cover is made of high-pressure cast aluminum. After sandblasting, the surface undergoes high-pressure electrostatic powder coating, effectively dissipating heat from the shell.

2. The aluminum substrate is closely attached to the aluminum alloy shell, quickly transforming point heat sources into surface heat, doubling the area for heat dissipation and enhancing the cooling rate.

3. The shell surface includes a separate groove for heat dissipation via cyclone.

4. The density of the heat sink is high, and its large surface area fully meets the cooling requirements of LED explosion-proof lights, ensuring a longer lifespan.



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