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Where Must Explosion-Proof Lights Be Installed

Many newcomers to industrial safety may not know which environments necessitate the installation of explosion-proof lighting. Environments that contain explosive gases, liquids, dust, or corrosive materials, including warehouses, workshops, and factories, require the installation of these specialized lights.

With the increasing occurrence of safety incidents in our society, the emphasis on “safety” has escalated, and the demand for various types of explosion-proof lighting in numerous settings has grown. This is particularly true for high-risk areas such as oil extraction, refineries, paint spraying, and chemical processing facilities, as well as in locations with high moisture and stringent protective requirements. If you operate in a high-risk area, we recommend opting for explosion-proof lighting during installation to ensure safety. Rest assured, investing in explosion-proof lighting is a decision you’re likely to find highly worthwhile.

Some of the specific environments that necessitate the use of explosion-proof lighting include gas stations, chemical plants, paint booths, polishing workshops, car wheel polishing areas, coal washing plants, waste-to-energy plants, gas filling stations, flour mills, ammonia storages, food processing factories, fireworks warehouses, explosive magazines, sandblasting rooms, steel mills, gas stations, paint storages, oil depots, clothing factory storages, chemical warehouses, fuel storages, firework workshops, flour mixing rooms, metal polishing workshops, magnesium and aluminum powder polishing areas, tobacco storages, paper mills, dye rooms, pharmaceutical factories, thermal power plants, metallurgical plants, coal mine tunnels, coal storage areas, and other environments with flammable materials or high levels of airborne dust.



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