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Do You Dare to Buy Cheap Explosion-Proof Lights

Is there a high-quality, yet affordable explosion-proof light available? Why do people still ask this question? Most people inquiring are either business owners or procurement managers who are well-versed in the marketplace. In today’s information-rich world, if there was a technology that offered high quality at low costs, everyone in the industry would adopt it. Why would anyone choose to manufacture products with higher costs and prices?

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Manufacturers need to survive with reasonable profits, typically between 15-20%. This margin ensures continued service. It’s not feasible to squeeze out the tiny profits of others, as doing so ultimately compromises one’s own service and product quality.

LED explosion-proof lights mainly consist of three components: the LED beads, the casing, and the power driver. To minimize costs, focus on these three areas:

LED Beads:

There are domestic 1W beads selling for as little as 0.20 yuan. How?

By replacing gold wires in the beads with copper and using inferior raw materials – changes that are not noticeable to consumers. Furthermore, although labeled as 1W, some might only perform at 0.5W, which consumers generally don’t test.


Some use scrap aluminum or plastic, costing between 1 to 3 yuan.

Power Driver:

The market is flooded with low-quality drivers priced as low as 1 yuan, contributing to the shutdown of many LED explosion-proof light manufacturers. Those producing inferior drivers, however, may have profited significantly.

In our industry, product costs are transparent and can be roughly estimated. Inquiring about the components used and their quantities, and checking their prices on Alibaba, can provide a good cost estimate. Consider the price of aluminum alloy per ton, die-casting and precision processing fees, scrap rates, administrative costs, and the manufacturer’s reasonable profit. If the price quoted by the manufacturer is close to your calculation, it indicates their reliability. Manufacturers who don’t disclose the brands and parameters of the components they use, citing business secrets, are likely not trustworthy. It’s better to avoid such manufacturers to prevent future disappointments.



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