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Technical Specifications

Division Of Assembly Units In Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

Process technicians allocate assembly units according to the overall assembly drawing, sub-assembly drawings, and individual part diagrams of the product. This results in the formation of component assembly units, part assembly units, and ultimately the complete final assembly.

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A component assembly unit comprises a combination of multiple distinct or identical parts (and composite types) assembled together. This procedure is termed “sub-assembly.”

Part Assembly

A part assembly unit is formed by assembling a variety of different or similar parts (and elements) together. The process of assembling these units is referred to as “part assembly.”

Final Assembly

The final assembly constitutes the equipment’s complete assembly, involving the combination of various distinct or similar parts or components (and elements). This stage is known as “final assembly.”

In the allocation of assembly units, a specific part should be identified as the reference component, which becomes the baseline for installation. Other parts may also serve as reference components for the installation of subsequent elements. Ideally, a reference component should be large, heavy, and provide ample space for assembly, thereby aiding in the efficiency of later assembly tasks. For instance, the body of an explosion-proof distribution box could be used as a reference component.



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