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Technical Specifications

Electrical Materials for Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

Electrical materials are essential in facilitating electricity transmission and primarily encompass conductive and insulating materials.

Conductive Materials

These are the conductive components of equipment, including cable cores, wiring terminals, contacts, and electrical connections. Such materials are required to have excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

Insulating Materials

These are used in the electrical insulation parts of devices and cables, forming components like insulating sleeves, cable core insulation layers, and insulating covers. Insulating materials need to demonstrate superior insulation and mechanical strength.

In the context of explosion-proof electrical equipment, it is vital for both conductive and insulating materials to be highly resistant to wear. This is due to the prevalence of corrosive substances, such as acids and alkalis, in their operational environments. Additionally, insulating materials must have a strong resistance to electrical arcing.



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