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Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment Selection Principles


In the process of selecting explosion-proof electrical equipment, the foremost criterion is adherence to safety standards. This entails ensuring that the chosen equipment aligns with the specific hazard area classifications and the categories and groups of flammable materials in explosive environments, thus guaranteeing explosion-proof integrity. Furthermore, selections must comply with regulatory standards, encompassing adherence to national laws, regulations, and established norms. Environmental suitability is also critical, considering factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, medium corrosiveness, and enclosure protection ratings.

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Concurrently, the selection of explosion-proof electrical equipment should be guided by principles of maintenance efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In cases where functional requirements are equal, preference should be given to equipment with simpler designs. Beyond the initial purchase price, a holistic analysis considering the equipment’s reliability, lifespan, operational costs, energy consumption, and maintenance spare parts is vital for identifying the optimal explosion-proof electrical solution.



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