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Technical Specifications

Installation Principles For Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment Components

fter component configuration, it’s essential to choose an installation method that aligns with their structural features, always following these fundamental guidelines:

explosion proof electrical equipment
1. Inside the equipment, the component mounting panel (or piece) should be equipped with four installation holes to guarantee a secure fit. It’s vital that no loosening occurs during the equipment’s operation.

2. In assemblies utilizing bolt (or screw) and nut connections, the inclusion of spring washers (65Mn) is mandatory. When fastening, ensure the spring washer is compressed just enough to flatten, avoiding over-tightening. Overly aggressive tightening over extended periods can lead to the loss of elasticity in the washer.

3. In instances where bolts and nuts are attached to non-metallic parts, flat washers must be placed between the spring washer and the base to prevent direct compression. Applying direct pressure from the spring washer onto the base can result in surface scratches and damage to its integrity.



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