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Technical Specifications

Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment Distribution

Under the guidelines set by installation standards for explosion-proof electrical equipment, like GB3836.15, the power sources for such equipment can utilize TN, TT, and IT systems. These systems must adhere to all relevant national standards, including specific supplementary power supply requirements detailed in GB3836.15 and GB12476.2, alongside implementing necessary protective measures.

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Take the TN power system, for example, particularly the TN-S variant, which involves distinct neutral (N) and protective (PE) conductors. In hazardous environments, these conductors should not be merged or connected together. During any transition from TN-C to TN-S types, the protective conductor must be linked to the equipotential bonding system in non-hazardous locations. Furthermore, in hazardous areas, effective leakage monitoring between the neutral line and PE protective conductor is essential.



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